Professors, students take time to reflect on Derting

Time seemed to stand still at Murray State the morning of March 15 after a student fell to his death from the Price Doyle Fine Arts Center.

Officials reported Jacob Derting, junior from Bardstown, Ky., jumped from a seventh floor window in an officially determined suicide.

Derting was a biology major and member of the Anime Club on campus.

John Crofton, professor of engineering and physics, said there is now an empty seat in the front row of his Introductory to Physics class where Derting used to sit.

“I expect to see him there and I don’t see him,” Crofton said. “I miss him.” Continue reading “Professors, students take time to reflect on Derting”

University reacts to death, counseling available

Austin Ramsey/The News

University officials, accompanied by representatives from the Murray State Counseling and Testing Center and the Four Rivers Behavioral Health held a meeting March 15 for faculty, staff and students who were directly impacted by the student death outside the Price Doyle Fine Arts Center that morning.

Nearby in the Quad, a group of nearly 20 students gathered and held hands to remember Jacob Derting, 20, junior from Bardstown, Ky., after he fell to his death from the seventh floor of the Fine Arts Center. Officials have officially determined the incident was a suicide.

Since that Thursday morning, the University community has reacted strongly. Hundreds of students gathered around Old Fine Arts Building and Waterfield Library looking on as emergency management officials used sheets and visibility shields to block the scene of Derting’s body. He was found between the Robert E. Johnson Theater and the elevator base of the Price Doyle Fine Arts Building at the entrance to the Zen Garden. Continue reading “University reacts to death, counseling available”

Police Beat: 3.30.12

Assistant News Editor Haley Russell compiles Police Beat with materials provided by Public Safety. Not all dispatched calls are listed.


March 14

•6:07 p.m. A caller reported a person on the roof of Old Richmond College. The Murray State Police were notified and took an information report.


March 15 

•12:14 a.m. A caller reported people being loud in front of Winslow Cafeteria. The Murray State Police were notified and an officer took an information report. Continue reading “Police Beat: 3.30.12”

Student Government Association: 3.28.12

The Student Government Association opened its weekly meeting on Wednesday with discussion about the upcoming elections for SGA president.

Betsy Banks, vice president of SGA said applications are due by noon on April 2. There will be a mandatory meeting in the Barkley Room at 4 p.m. on April 2.

She said voting for SGA president will be will be April 16-18 on MyGate.

Paula Amols, director of Dining Services and Racer Hospitality said Dining Services has partnered with Jasmine Thai and Sushi restaurant and will start selling sushi on campus later in the semester. Continue reading “Student Government Association: 3.28.12”

Residential College Association: 3.26.12

Residential College Association met Monday evening to discuss important events occurring both in the residential and University zones of campus.

Amidst the tragedy occurring on March 15 regarding the death of a student on campus, Student Affairs Vice President Don Robertson urged anyone needing counseling for the events can visit counselors in the Psychological Center in Applied Science.

To meet the large needs for counseling over the past couple of weeks, a small open forum will be held on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the small Curris Center ballroom. Counselors will be on hand to discuss handling grief and the pains of human loss.

On April 18, Lovett Auditorium steps will again host the immensely popular All-Campus Sing. Campus programs and residential colleges are preparing for what looks to be a very competitive event. Continue reading “Residential College Association: 3.26.12”

Alliance: 3.25.12

Meghann Anderson
Staff writer

Alliance held its weekly meeting Sunday night in the Curris Center.

President Will Heath said the Celebrate and Support a Fair Kentucky party will be 7-9:30 p.m. on March 31. The ally of the year award will be given at the party.

The group will present Live Homosexual Acts on April 3 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the free speech zone. Members will tie-dye shirts, play Frisbee and other outside activities.

Pat McCuthen, sociology professor, will be speaking to Alliance on April 1 on becoming an agent of change. Public Safety will be speaking at the general assembly meeting on April 8.

The annual Day of Silence will be April 20. Alliance members will be handing out informational brochures and pamphlets about the Day of Silence from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Curris Center. The Day of Silence is the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s annual day of protest against bullying of LGBT students and their allies.

The White House Office of Public Engagement is inviting college students to a career pathways briefing featuring John Berry, Director, U.S. Office of Personnel Management on April 13. Alliance voted to pay the way of one student to go to the conference.

The meeting closed with nominations for president and vice president for the 2012-13 school year.


University to host open session after campus suicide

The Murray State University Counseling and Testing Center will be facilitating an open forum regarding the recent on-campus suicide on Wednesday, March 28, at 7:30 p.m. in the Small Ballroom of the Curris Center. There will be a brief presentation by the Counseling staff followed by an open session for individuals to discuss their thoughts, feelings, and concerns regarding the incident. The session is open to students, faculty, and staff. Continue reading “University to host open session after campus suicide”

Student falls from Fine Arts Center, community in shock

A group of students looks at the scene where a student fell to his death from Price Doyle Fine Arts Center this morning. || Photos by Allie Douglass/The News

Austin Ramsey
News Editor 

Jacob Derting, 20, junior from Bardstown, Ky., fell to his death and was found outside of the Price Doyle Fine Arts Center around 9:30 a.m. today. In a University statement released this afternoon, officials say initial investigation indicates the incident was an apparent suicide.

The Murray State Police and emergency management services responded and cordoned off the area from a mass of students in front of Waterfield Library minutes after Derting fell.

The area blocked off leads to the Zen Garden where the body was found. Several administrators and a detective were at the site. A University official reported Derting had died minutes after 911 calls were made from within the Fine Arts building. The Calloway County Coroner’s Office responded shortly after 10 a.m.

The body was taken from the scene at approximately 10:17 a.m. Police used a blankets and a vision shield to hide the student as they moved the body by stretcher to the waiting ambulance.

Continue reading “Student falls from Fine Arts Center, community in shock”

Eracer program aims to serve individuals with non-conformist gender identities

Courtney Laverdure
Staff writer

A new student organization has emerged that is erasing gender lines. The mission of Eracer is to be a confidential peer-support organization at Murray State that serves individuals with non-conformist gender identities or expressions.

Eracer surfaced as the LGBT community recognized a need for a peer-support type organization on campus for those dealing with gender identity and expression, advisor to Eracer, Jody Cofer said. The other student organization on campus that deals specifically with LGBT issues is the MSU Alliance. MSU Alliance’s mission encompasses advocacy, education and social events for the entire LGBT and ally community.

“Eracer is different in that it is not an advocacy or education organization,” Cofer said. “There will be no public programming coming out of Eracer. This group serves solely to be a confidential peer-support organization.”

In order to start Eracer on campus, the steps to form a student organization had to be fulfilled such as developing a Constitution, selecting officers and advisors and filing the necessary paperwork, Cofer said.

Joshua Adair, an assistant professor in the department of Humanities and Fine Arts, and Cofer, Vice President of Academic Affairs, volunteered to serve as co-advisors for Eracer. Both Adair and Cofer advise MSU Alliance and oversee MSU‘s Safe Zone Project. Continue reading “Eracer program aims to serve individuals with non-conformist gender identities”

Winslow, T-Room to undergo renovations


A Winslow Dining Hall student employee works where Paula Amols, director of Dining Services and Racer Hospitality, hopes to install a Mongolian grill this summer. || Melissa Ruhlman/The News

Chris Wilcox
Staff writer

Winslow Dining Hall and the Thoroughbred Room are slated to undergo several changes during the summer of 2012.

Changes include equipment renovation, new utilities and newly offered services.

Winslow will gain two combination ovens and one cook-and-hold oven. The T-Room will also be gaining a pair of each.

Combination ovens are programmable, standardizing the cooking process. The machines combine the abilities of convection and steam cooking ovens.

Paula Amols, director of Dining Services and Racer Hospitality, said the additions will provide quality fried food in a healthier way and will create less food waste. She said these ovens cook much quicker than the ovens used now. Adding these ovens will require the venue to have gas lines.

The addition of cook-and-hold ovens will allow for venues to produce food overnight. Continue reading “Winslow, T-Room to undergo renovations”