Jaywalking: Racism is ridiculous

John Walker
Opinion Editor

I was sitting at my desk on Tuesday evening and minding my own business as usual when a certain event came to my attention. The National Socialist Movement, otherwise know as Neo-Nazis, have decided to hold a rally at the state capitol in Frankfort on April 21. Continue reading “Jaywalking: Racism is ridiculous”

Lettor to the Editor: 4.13.12

Rory Goggins
assistant professor of philosophy

In “Religion is not the Answer to our problems,” Dr. Zingrone discusses a speech recently given by Pastor Dennis Terry of Greenwell Springs Baptist Church. According to Zingrone, Terry stated in this speech that those who do not share his political and religious views should leave the country. Continue reading “Lettor to the Editor: 4.13.12”

Why you should check out your public library

Paula Ellis
with the
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Deborah Jacobs
with the
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Julia Stasch
with the
MacArthur Foundation


For many of us, the public library will always be synonymous with books.

The books drew us to the library in the first place, helped us discover new worlds – both real and imaginary – beyond our day-to-day experiences. Continue reading “Why you should check out your public library”

Romney, a portrait of new Caesar

Devin Griggs
junior from
Benton, Ky.

The end of Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign signals the beginning of the general election that we’ll follow through November (Gingrich is hanging on until the race gets a terminal disease, in which case he’ll follow his own example in leaving his cancer-stricken wife in the hospital; Ron Paul is little more than a cult leader who will never amount to much in American politics) and it clarifies the position of the modern Republican Party as the ultimate ‘“Manchurian Candidate.” Continue reading “Romney, a portrait of new Caesar”

It’s time to be moderate

Jon Rowland
senior from
Jonesboro, Ill.

This past week I strolled down the University walkway enjoying the beautiful weather that has recently bestowed itself upon Murray.

It was early afternoon and the walkway was choked with students walking to class while others rushed to various dining venues for a quick lunch. As I navigated my way through this flood of moving bodies my eyes were drawn to the brightly lit and colorfully worded information tent of Murray State’s Alliance group. Attached to the tent was a sign titled “Live Homosexual Acts.” Continue reading “It’s time to be moderate”

Our View: Keep safety a priority

The staff editorial is the majority opinion of the editorial board of The Murray State News.

The recent rise in the number of Racer escorts across campus brings our security into question. Although the actual cause of the increase is unknown, the rise in insecure students needing someone to help them across campus is enough for us to be concerned. Continue reading “Our View: Keep safety a priority”

Jaywalking: My kind of green

John Walker
Opinion Editor

This past weekend I was working in the gardens out at Pullen Farm digging paths and leveling off rows in the newfound heat when I met a young man with an interesting story. He was in the garden to achieve his volunteer hours for the Bio 103 Saving Planet Earth class. After a few minutes of digging and shoveling I sparked up a conversation with him. He told me he was in the Occupational Safety and Health program here on campus (one of the best in the country) and he was going to be working for a construction company when he got out of school. But this is not just any construction company. This one constructs and erects windmills all around the country, helping build wind farms and move our country toward energy independence. Continue reading “Jaywalking: My kind of green”